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Genocide, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Native Americans and how you can help today with the solu

Most people in this country are unaware of the dreadful conditions Native American children must endure on Reservations. Extreme hopelessness reigns supreme. Third world conditions, not only socially and emotionally, but disease levels as well. Diabetes, alcohol, drugs, crime, unemployment, welfare dependency, sexually transmitted diseases run

rampant on the streets of Native American Reservations. This has been going for centuries and the time has come to participate in the solution to the problem, rather than the academic understanding of the problem. There are ivory tower PhD’s that think they understand the problem, but not only do they not understand, there are no solutions from academic or government agencies. The solution must come from people, for people.

Sure, they were killed, exterminated, children taken away and put in boarding schools where they couldn’t speak their language or participate in their traditions. Sure, every treaty made with America’s First People was either blatantly broken, ignored or modified without consent. Even though historians or academic or government people don’t argue with these facts, they think they understand the problem and it’s far reaching effects. They are not even in the same galaxy, understanding the problem and living the problem. Many Native American kids feel like they live between two worlds, the horrible past and the horrible present. They feel like they don’t have roots, a home to call their own or live in safety.

These kids need a solution. A permanint solution. That's where you come in. Every few dollars you donate is a smile on a child's face, a healthier lifestyle, a better future. It's quick, it's easy, and it's the least we can do to start to right the wrongs that have been done to this people. Please join us as we work towards a better tomorrow for the next generation.

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