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Any social media influencers out there to help America’s First Social Cause?.

Calling all social media influencers: can you help Love Has No Color? If you’ve been on our site before, you are very familiar with our mission of helping restore the health, hope and dignity of the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation in MT. You might call helping Native Americans the first social cause in this country.

The inconvenient truth about world projects that assist oppressed kids is that they need a vital fuel that is called sustainability…in other words, MONEY! The more fuel or sustainability, the more kids we can reach…it’s that simple.

Our biggest fundraising for LHNC happens each year between May and July. Get the message out via your social media contacts about our fundraising. You don’t have to be a professional social media influencer with thousands of followers (if you are, we could sure use your help.) We need help from individuals, agencies, corporations, celebrities, etc.

Everyone can do their part with as big or little a donation as your care to give. Contrary to popular beliefs, micro donations far exceed the macro donations. You can also donate as often as you wish. Some people donate in memory of deceased parents, relatives, and pets.

Social media is all about connecting people to share mostly entertainment and funny stuff. It’s also a great platform to communicate more serious topics like the third world conditions these kids must endure.

Please share the donation link ( with everyone you know and beyond.

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