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Can one reservation be a model of hope for the rest of the world?

Is it possible for a handful of dedicated, humanitarians from all walks of life to help a group of forgotten, indigenous people that must endure third world conditions right here in America?

Love Has No Color is not the only group assisting kids and adults on the Fort Peck Reservation; far from it. Kenny Smoker, the HPDP, the Tribal Council, and many, many other groups and organizations all contribute to increasing the living conditions on the Fort Peck reservation.

Something wonderful is happening on this reservation and hope is beginning to sprout within the kids.

While it can’t be attributed to any one source, there is a common theme: they are being offered opportunities to make different choices. They are participating in projects on the reservation at higher levels. They are becoming excited and inspired and are seeking brighter futures for all Native Americans on the Fort Peck reservation and beyond.

There is a prophecy written called the Warriors of the Rainbow and it describes how a band of people from all different tribes, nationalities, and ways of life are coming together to aid ‘fallen people’. There is a higher power, a universal intelligence or presence, that unites all of us. Any one of us can become trapped in unfortunate circumstances. What really matters is that there are people who are truly dedicated to helping people stand on their own and are teaching the children how to do so, as well.

More off-reservation people are participating every time LHNC plans an event on the reservation. The common bond we all share is the feeling of suffering. The more aware and humanitarian you are, the more urgent the need to help people in unfortunate circumstances.

Our part in the grand scheme of things is to help these kids. Hopefully, in doing so, it will spread to other reservations and reserves and will serve as a non-political, non-secular religious model to the world to follow, if they choose to. Could this model also be the solution to health care and world peace?

We certainly think so.

The solution to health care and world peace will not come from politicians. They don’t know the solution and they have a vested interest in doing what has already been done before. More of what doesn’t work won’t help America’s First People. It takes vision and partnership, not separate parties and interests, to affect a solution. People will create the solution, not government or politicians.

The more people that express a shared interest, instead of a separate interest, in regards to people who find themselves temporarily in need of assistance, the quicker the problem is lessened and the suffering ended.

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