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Miss America @The Fort Peck Reservation! #March15th

Miss America to speak on the Fort Peck Reservation March 15, 2018

LHNC, Kenny Smoker, HPDP and others are always on the search/prowl for people of interest to help inspire the kids. Current Miss America and Miss North Dakota, Cara Mund, will be visiting the reservation and speaking especially to the girls on the reservation about girl power, making great decisions and raising the bar with expectations rather than lowering it.


So how did this come about?!

It was at the end of the day, and Dr. Kevin’s assistant buzzes him and says there’s a woman on the phone that wants to know if you’re interested in having Miss America visit the reservation to speak to the girls.

"Whattt?!" I thought in excitement.


The world of Chiropractic is a very connected world. Let me explain... Dr. Stephanie Mills of NH, a former Ms. America, and her daughter Brooke have been very active in LHNC for many years. They've done it all, from traveling out to the reservation, to collecting donations, and designing t-shirts. Dr. Stephanie said that she would be willing to pay the speaker’s fee if we would be interested in having her come to the reservation. "How incredible," I thought, "Book it!"

A few calls to Kenny Smoker, and some logistics later...the trip was set.

Over the years, LHNC has, and continues to attract great people to the reservation that have skills, talents and methods to share with the kids. LHNC has brought out professional athletes, doctors, builders for the movie theater, skating rink, outdoor synthetic basketball court, mindfulness experts, authors the list goes on and on.

So why do we continue to have people of interest visit the kids on the Fort Peck reservation?

The answer is simple: Every kid deserves the right to a brighter future. The third world conditions experienced on the reservations create an oppressive atmosphere of extreme hopelessness. It is almost like the smog in LA or in a paper mill town. It's a presence that is always there. By having the ‘big fish’, the celebrities, the stars come to the reservation, they (the children living on the reservation) are recognized as being special. Through experiences like this, they are encouraged to dream big and not to succumb to limited futures.

March 15, 2018; Save the date! Miss America will be visiting the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation.

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