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Cause & Effect

Some things in life, you just have no control over. However, most things that occur happen directly because of something else (cause and effect). On the reservation, extreme hopelessness is an effect, not a cause.

In massive numbers, Native Americans were removed from where they lived and transported to desolate reservations. They were isolated and kept away from non-natives. They were essentially in prisons without bars.

Native Americans were one of the last demographics to be granted rights, citizenship, voting, land owning rights, etc even though they were here first. The US government has also broken every one of the treaties made with Native Americans.

In mass quantities and recurring events, their children were taken from their homes and placed in Indian boarding schools where they were not allowed to speak their language, dress in tribal custom, cut their hair, wear shoes, etc. They were forced to adopt the ways and means of the white majority.

The allotted space of this post does not permit all the other atrocities, murder, genocide, etc., that Native Americans have endured.

And yet, they still have a voice. A voice of wisdom; one that cautions and warns about the effects of making decisions and not caring about the future consequences.

LHNC speaks to not only Native Americans, but all indigenous as well as non-indigenous people who have been abused and violated with force, military might, and superior numbers.

The treatment of Native Americans touches us all at a deep subconscious level. Even though most people act with surprise when understanding the circumstances they find themselves in, a vague recollection emerges from the deep lateral recesses of their mind.

It goes without saying, that the past cannot be changed. But a lot can be done toward repairing the damage and giving the oppressed a helping hand.

Get involved with LHNC today and help restore the hope, health, and dignity of kids on reservations.

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