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Miss America's visit to Fort Peck was a hit!

There is a certain mystique when you meet a celebrity like an actor, a successful business owner, or a professional athlete. Are they regular people or do they come from another planet? Many are very self-absorbed and are not at all approachable. Not reigning Miss America, Cara Mund! She has the Miss American looks, of course, but the approach-ability of the girl next door. She is anything but pretentious; rather, she is engaging and genuine. From signing autographs, to speaking with the kids and offering hope, she fit in just great. After all, she is from North Dakota, just a state away. She was all so generous with her time and kindness for the kids on Fort Peck.

What a historic trip for a reigning Miss America to visit and experience first hand a different dimension that most Americans have never seen. If kids are exposed to important people growing up, it can quietly inspire something deep inside of them. They will remember that day for the rest of their life. Miss America communicated hope to each and every kid; the hope that even if you can’t do something today, you will be able to do it tomorrow. Hopefully her visit has inspired the kids to reach higher and break out of the limiting, negative factors on the reservation.

Wouldn’t it be something if a kid from the Fort Peck reservation became a future Miss America? What about if some of the kids became Chiropractors, business owners, pro athletes, lawyers, or advocates for Native American rights. Love Has No Color has been working to bring hope and health to the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation for over 13 years now so these dreams happen.

A special thanks to Dr. Stephanie Mills, of Crossroad Chiropractic in New Hampshire, for organizing and helping with the funding of this visit, and her daughter, Brooke, who traveled to Fort Peck to drive Miss America to all the schools. Without their time and effort, this trip would not have happened.

Kenny Smoker of the Fort Peck tribal HPDP coordinated this event and skillfully put together the logistics for time, travel and schools.

If anyone in our readership has a special star that would be willing to travel to Fort Peck to share their message with the kids, please contact LHNC directly at 800-525-3879.

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