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Are Native American reservations in the US connected?

Although geographically displaced, all reservations in North America were Anglo-European-Colonists strategies of how to deal with indigenous people. Although separate, they were all ‘blueprints’ of the same genocide.

So even though there are different tribes, different bloodlines and different dialects, languages and customs, they suffered and anguished in a similar fashion. They are all connected by a common thread of suffering, of guilt, or humiliation, or exile and banishment from their Native land. From Indian Boarding Schools where children were taken by force from their families and imprisoned in schools (only time in American history) where they could not speak their native language, had to acclimate to becoming Caucasian against their will.

Having their food source, the bison systematically decimated by contracted or ‘sport’ hunters who killed millions and left them on the plains to rot. First time in history, chemical warfare (in this case germ warfare) was actually used (on purpose or as an accident, you be the judge) as a tool to sicken or kill thousands upon thousands of Indians.

Hitler in his infamous book Mein Kampf (my struggle) a three star rated book according to Amazon by the way, was a huge fan of the way America dealt with their ‘Indian Problem’. Many historians concur that the ‘final solution’ was manifested as a quicker, more effective process of genocide.

When a reservation such as the Fort Peck with great leaders such as Kenny Smoker, HPDP, Fort Peck Tribal Council, teachers, the elders team up and partner with a groups like Love Has No Color (and many other great organizations), the same thread that connects all reservations, all Native Americans will be energized and activated.

The principles of helping the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation will find their way onto other reservation. And these principles will find their way beyond reservation boundaries to ghettos, and other areas of social, economic and religious oppression. Next, they will serve as reminders for all people that the thread that connects Native Americans is the thread that connects us all.

We are all one people, regardless of color of skin, religious persuasion, politics, economics, ancestry, etc.

Get involved with LHNC!

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