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Christmas on an empty stomach?

As we prepare for our gift raising for Christmas on the Reservation 2018, we’re doing something we traditionally only do in the summer. We’re bringing high-quality and non perishable food items. The greenhouse dome has been completed in Poplar and we want to continue the theme making sure all the kids have enough food, especially during the holiday season.

In addition to making sure that each child, kindergarten through high school, get s a gift: we’re bringing food as well. Don’t be surprised if we’re in your neighborhood…singing Christmas Carols with bag after bag of groceries.

We’re also planning to have a Chiropractic and Naturopathic clinic at the basketball tournament on December 14th. All the kids and adults can receive a Chiropractic adjustment and Naturopathic treatment at no charge.

If you know of any family or individual that is having a rough go of it this year, please contact us and we will do our best to help them out.

In the past years we have helped an orphanage, a family who lost their home to a fire, 3 Head Start Programs, donated music instruments to Wolf Point & Brockton, and other schools on the Reservation, we’ve sent extra toys and clothes to some at risk mothers of young children, helped an elderly couple relocate, and more.

Take a peek at all the pictures from years past on the website. The smiles and the joy these kids get from receiving their gifts are amazing.

Some of the schools allow us to visit with the kids. We can observe them in their classrooms and really get the chance to know them. We listen to them and learn about what’s truly important in their lives.

These kids deserve and get our best effort. Won’t you help out in whatever capacity you’re able?


Dr. Kevin

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