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We have set a Boot Camp goal!!

One year we put down a safe and synthetic outdoor basketball court. Last year we built a Geodesic Solar Powered Greenhouse. We have cleaned elder’s homes, painted buildings, made outdoor signs, fixed leaking roofs, and more. We have built an outdoor skating and roller hockey rink. Some years we deliver non-perishable and high quality foods to neighborhoods that are sometimes forgotten. We have outdoor concerts, including a Johnny Cash style one at the local jail. We handout backpacks, school supplies, sporting goods and more to the children on Fun Days! You name it and we’ve done it.

What are some of our projects for this August?

We will be having a Fun Day on Thursday and Friday in Wolf Point and Poplar. It’s the wildest carnival you’ve ever seen. Kids look forward to it all year long. We have dunk tanks, face painting, free Chiropractic and Naturopathic care, massages, fitness events, all the food you can eat, and backpacks filled with back to school supplies.

After that, we don’t know where the 100 plus people will spend Saturday doing public service. Saturday is the day we reserve to do a special project with our whole volunteer force.

It takes more than 6 months to plan the summer event with the help of HPDP, Dr. Megan Cartillar, the tribal council, and lots and lots of volunteers from the Reservation. Lots of people have input how we can do the most good in the time we are there.

If you’re looking to join us this year, simply email or call us and a LHNC representative, who is knowledgeable with the event, will answer your questions!

Our goal is to have over 100 volunteers to help us.

Don’t come alone; bring your family, friends, church communities, and more! We get just as much of a kick out of it as the kids.

It leaves you with a fresh perspective of gratitude and how amazing these kids are!

Together, we can accomplish anything including restoring the hope, health, and dignity of the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond.

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