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We've had some strange requests over the years...

Over the last 15 years with Christmas on the Res, we have had some strange requests for gifts. From dirt bikes and cars (yes, real cars) to a replacement mother (I guess she couldn’t cook!), NFL coats, gas or solar powered drone planes, and new houses. We’ve received requests for just about everything.

Unfortunately, Santa’s sleigh does have space limitations. Big gifts like a snowmobile or house don’t end up in the kids’ hands. Each year we serve every kid possible from pre-school and Head Start Programs to K-12.

Even if they don’t get a snowmobile or a drone, they do get a toy that puts a smile of joy on their faces. These smiles fend off the negativity that’s a part of the scenery on the Reservation.

The coats, gloves, hats, and mittens they receive are brand new and high quality.

The toys are also high end and trendy and would be enjoyed by any child, on or off the Reservation!

Some of the larger gifts are done at different times of the year when Santa’s sleigh is not as crowded.

We built a synthetic sports court with outdoor basketball flooring, this would have stretched the limits of Santa’s sled! We assembled it in Poplar for the kids to play on. We even had a basketball camp with pro instructors.

How about the refurbished movie theater and indoor archery facility? Same deal!

The elves from LHNC helped build a geodesic solar powered greenhouse in Poplar as well. Well beyond even the magical reaches of Santa’s sled.

Helping these kids to brighter futures is what LHNC is dedicated to do.

We meet so many people, who once aware of what LHNC is all about, want to be a part of it.

There are so many ways and levels to get involved in from donations, gifts, and toys, to participation.

Let’s make this Christmas the best ever for the kids!

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