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Boot Camp/Fun Days are still happening!!

We got an email on our website inquiring about the upcoming August Boot Camp/Fun Day, the sender was concerned it was going to be cancelled.


Due to current conditions, the date may be changed on account of early opening of school, but we will be there.

The plan is the same. Two Fun Days one at the Wolf Point High School and the other at the Poplar movie theater/Chiropractic clinic, with backpacks given out to the kids. We will also have a day of community service which is yet to be determined.

We are planning also to bring non-perishable, high-quality food for at risk elders on the Reservation. This is a first for LHNC and we are very excited about it!

As much as the world is centered on digital, non face to face communication; live events stand on their own. The fun, the community, and the celebration just can’t be matched.

You have to be there.

Social media is okay as far as it goes but it’s a substitution for actually communicating face-to-face.

If you’ve ever gone to a concert, you will never forget that live experience! Just listening to a CD doesn’t compare to being there in person.

Same way with Fun Days and Christmas on the Reservation. Being a part of it creates lifetime memories.

Looking forward to seeing all of you live and in person!

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