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LHNC is more than just Fun Days during the summer!

Everyone reading this from whatever geographical location has seen drastic changes in their employment, communities, economics and of course, their families. Kids and adults living on the Reservation face third world hardships few outside the Reservation can imagine.

Living on the Reservation creates a sense of isolation. The nearest mall is perhaps a 2 hour drive. A WallMart, that’s a 90 minute drive down Route 2. People on the Reservation face harsh conditions, unemployment, and an array of health challenges.

Illness or the threat of illness can make people feel even more isolated and vulnerable. It can make people on the Reservation feel even more helpless to improve their circumstances. Especially with the elderly and people in the at-risk category with pre-existing chronic health conditions.

One of the dimensions Love Has No Color brings every year is hope to the kids. This year is no exception. At our summer Fun Day, we care for every kid and adult with Chiropractic and Naturopathic treatments as a way to boost immunity, health and vitality. We also make sure nobody leaves hungry.

Fun Day readies kids for the upcoming school year. 4 months later we return with Christmas on the Reservation, Love Has No Color style. Each and every year these kids look forward to these events.

It establishes a constant theme in their lives that they matter, are recognized and honored.

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