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No More Stolen Sisters

How can it be that there have been over 5,000 murdered and missing indigenous women since 2016? How can a population be targeted like this in the US? How can this exist in America? This practice still exists worldwide in places like India with its caste system (untouchables), Russia, and China, but here in the US?

Native Americans are subject to atrocities that are unspeakable outside the Reservation because they have been invisible for so long. They are preyed upon because their voices are not heard. Nobody is protecting them. It’s as if they don’t matter. How can this inequality exist?

Aren’t the rights and laws the same for all US citizens whether on and off the Reservation?

No, not by a long shot.

If someone told you that 5,000 of any demographic of the US was murdered, missing, or forced into human trafficking, you would quickly ask, when was that? Was it back in the 1800s or 1700s?

This brings to light the disparity between indigenous and non-indigenous populations.

When shocking, appalling, and disturbing treatment of America’s First Women are uncovered, it makes us at Love Has No Color work even harder.

This makes us even more resolute and firm in our conviction that we are all one people. There should be no geographic borders, skin color differences, religious beliefs, or other differences that take away our inalienable rights.

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