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Santa's helpers have returned from the Res and this is what they saw!

The kids were so wonderful and grateful. They knew we would be coming for Christmas again this year! Although life can be very difficult on the Reservation, they knew the LHNC elves always keep their promises. We’ve been doing this for 15 years and counting! There’s just something about trust, it builds up each year and brightens every kid’s future.

The theme with most kids who have experienced Christmas on the Reservation, LHNC no style, is EXPECTATION! They knew we would be there; the only question was which toy they would be receiving.

In the early years, the kids doubted (and rightfully so) that we would be back every year. There are a lot of groups that have visited the Reservation and didn’t return. After a few years, we became a part of their lives, almost like an extended family.

The gifts given were incredible this year. The animal-themed onesies and wrap around blankets (the shark was especially impressive, it looks like it’s eating the kid!), the animals in the pocketbooks, the remote-controlled cars, the flying globes, the art sets, the basketballs, and the princess gifts were some of the fan favs.

In Frazer and Wolf Point (Southside), we saw all kinds of grateful kids having such holiday fun. We had a ceremonial meal with the principal (she is amazing!) and the kids at Frazer. There is such a community spirit at the schools we visit. We even spied a little girl who's birthday it was at the Old Town Grill and we sang her Happy Birthday, again! There was a rumor that there was an impromptu puppet show there also that entertained all in attendance. She also had on the tiara from the princess gift she received. She really had one heck of a birthday she will remember forever.

We also saw a second grader with her princess high heels on at Frosty’s in Poplar. The negative five degrees didn’t discourage her in the least in her quest of being a princess.

Everyone from the Homestead Inn in Wolf Point (the official hotel of Love Has No Color), couldn’t have been more accommodating with the late arrivals, early departures, etc. Whoa Nellies Deli in Poplar fed our group and the Dakota Trading Post stayed open extra hours for Santa’s helpers.

We even had members of the Tribal Council speak to our group and thank our group for its help with the kids on the Reservation.

Spend some time in the photo section (coming soon!) of this website to capture some of the magical moments of this year’s Christmas on the Reservation.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who wrapped all the hundreds of gifts, teachers who volunteered their time, Kenny Smoker, Dr. Megan Cartillar, HPDP and everyone else who had a hand in this year’s festivities.

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