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Some Things Are Not Okay!

There is nothing right about living in third-world conditions. There is nothing right about being last in categories of learning, jobs, houses, opportunities, etc. Life on Reservations has not changed much in generations…until now!

Love Has No Color has no political affiliations, religious agendas, or profit-driven agendas; we are only here to help.

Anyone on the Reservation gets help, regardless of their race, creed, or color. We even help inmates at the jail in Poplar. They have received books, Chiropractic adjustments, been entertained by a live band, and have received donated Carhartt winter coats, boots, and gloves.

For 18 years we have demonstrated our commitment to the Fort Peck Reservation.

Many of the people living on the Reservation have been touched by Love Has No Color.

All of the kids have received gifts during our Christmas on the Reservation. Many of the kids have played on the outside hockey rink that we built in Poplar. Many have used the outdoor synthetic surfaced basketball court in Poplar that we installed.

Many of the kids have received a new warm coat, hat, gloves, mittens, boots, and shoes. Thousands of bags of non-perishable groceries have been given out to families. Thousands of back packs filled with school supplies have been given to the kids during our summer Fun Days. Hundreds of basketballs, soccer balls, and other sporting equipment have been given to the kids on the Reservation.

Change begins today and it begins with you. If you are in the position to help, donate generously. If you are in the position to join us this summer for our Fun Days, we welcome you.

We are seeing small, but significant changes on the Reservation because of all the help from people who donate.

Thank you.

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