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Christmas on the Reservation

What is Christmas on the Res?

Christmas on the Reservation is the winter journey made by the LHNC volunteers. They spend two days traveling around the Reservation and going to all of the schools to give out gifts to every child. The kids love it and so do the volunteers! This is a great way to spread your humanitarian wings.

What gifts do we collect?

Anything a child ages K-12th grade would enjoy. For many of the kids, the presents we bring are the only gifts that they'll get this Christmas, so we like them to be as special as possible. Whether it's something you would get for your niece, nephew, your own son or daughter, or just something you yourself would have loved as a kid, we're just looking to bring smiles to the faces of the Fort Peck kids.


Some examples include:

-  Lego sets

-  Remote control cars

-  Art supplies

-  Musical instruments

-  Barbie Dolls

-  Board games


We'll also be collecting:

- Hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, and boots

- Travel size deodorants, shampoo & conditioner, soap

- Diapers

- Kids t-shirts, socks, and underwear


We collect gifts year-round, so don't wait until December to start shopping!

How can I send gifts to the Reservation?

Contact Love Has No Color headquarters and we will give you the information! You can do so by phone or email, (800) 525-3879 or

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