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I just wanted to send out a “THANK YOU” to you and Love Has No Color members, for their participation in last week’s “Kids Fun Day”. It was a remarkable event, well organized prior to the coming out by all your members from the start. It was one of the best times that I can remember. The momentum is getting greater after each visit, children get excited, more specific focus comes out, and especially from the group on how they can help. I said in one interview when we talk about some of the more tragic issues we face here on the Reservation, suicide and suicide attempts have decreased since Love Has No Color came to our Reservation. I know that we can’t specifically say this is a contributing factor, but I can say, positive energy is coming out of caring and compassionate people unlike I have ever seen. Their energy is strong and uplifting, they mean what they say. Their honesty strikes deep, they have not left us. It has given our children hope!


I tell many people it is very difficult living in an environment that can suck you in, in a negative way, but with good people coming onto the Reservation like the “The New Renaissance Chiropractic Group” a breath of fresh air is given and makes one want to work harder until the next time. You all bring out the best in our people, what a gift!


As I reflect back, it has been hard for me to deal with some of the great people who left us, like Darryl Red Eagle, he was a very close friend, he was inspiring to make the changes for our people especially our children, but left us unexpectedly. His commitment lives within us, he was a great warrior looking to protect and defend the children. The warriors of the past were instilled with; fortitude, generosity, wisdom and bravery, this is still within some of our people. We can see this with The New Renaissance, a new group of warriors coming in to help us move forward and believing in our people. I think it is time to have chiropractic services here.


We are blessed to have you and others as a part of our lives, an answered prayer.


Thank you for all you do!


Kenneth Smoker Jr.

Health Programs Specialist

Health Promotion Disease Prevention Program

Boot Camp was life-altering. I could end there, and you could take away whatever you wanted from that sentence and I am sure it would apply.  I didn’t just have the obvious epiphany that my life is A LOT better than I sometimes think. Sure, school is stressful, being married is stressful, wanting to start your own practice is stressful…but dang is it cushy compared to what I saw in Montana. But I was expecting that “a-ha moment." It’s the little things I didn’t expect that made the biggest impact.


First off, I found myself once again surrounded by other DC’s (successful DC’s, by the way…the best kind to be!) and their friends and families (oh, don’t forget incredible naturopaths too!!).  I had a more meaningful conversation with each and every one of them than I have had here at Life U in a long time. It’s truly uplifting to be around TNR docs.  Even when you’re not talking chiropractic, the energy or the vibe is so much more ‘above the line’ if you want to be cliche about it.  Even when you’re talking about a ‘below the line’ subject, it’s just the energy of the group.  Everyone is simply there to serve the little kids and make a difference.  I hope those of you who didn’t hear Kenny Smoker say what a difference we are making take note.  It seems small, what we did that weekend. But with dropping suicide rates and numbers of at-risk children, I would say we- a group of passionate DC’s from all walks of life- are making a difference. Let’s not ever slow down.


The smiles, the joyous screams, the kickball (that was NOT funny when it hit the horse and it reared up, thank goodness there was not a kid on his back), the face painting, the watermelon, the backpacks, the pony rides, the red hot dogs, the hundreds of nervous systems that got a little love, the hydro-therapy room, the colored sand, the tattoos, the basketball court, the painting, and everything I am forgetting to write…I remember it all, but I remember their smiling faces most. If you have never been to Boot Camp, or if it has been a while since you have, get out there.  You’re needed. You CAN make a difference. Thank you to everyone who made this trip unforgettable. Until next time...


~Dr. Christy Taylor


Medway, MA

This trip to the Reservation was SO COOL!!! We could see their mindsets are shifting. For the first time ever when leaving Fort Peck, there were only smiles from both sides. In the Fort Peck - beautiful children with loving faces. Are they always clean and smell pristine? Do those bright shining eyes always sparkle with the mischief and delight we saw last weekend? No, nor do mine. Nor do yours. Just like you, these kids are precious. Just like you and me, they need help to see just how precious they are, past there has been labored sobs. The work LOVE HAS NO COLOR is doing is CHANGING this Reservation. Myah graduated grade 8 with all A's and 1 B. She was chosen out of 800 essays to speak about being the child of drug users, what it is like to grow up with your grandmother taking care of you and at any time 10-15 other children (our cousins) in a small trailer because the parents are unfit. What it is like to be molested and terrified of the dark, avoiding sleep until 5 in the morning, because of the grisly things that happen after the sun goes down. Myah opened up, spoke and is healing and helping hundreds of other children heal. One of the best moments on this past trip, "Dr. Lisa, Bobby, and I are going to start something like LOVE has NO COLOR. We saw a place down in Mexico where the children are SO hungry, and no shoes. We want to do something about it."
This Myah, this Bobby, this Phoenix, are resonating at a higher level. They are brighter lightbulbs. They are going to make a difference in this world. And a big part of that is due to YOUR help.


~Dr. Lisa Graham

Naturopathic Doctor

MB, Canada


My first boot camp was such an amazing experience. It was incredible to see the impact a small group of dedicated people can have on a community. Seeing the smiles and hearing the laughs of all the children is something I will never forget. To see all the children and adults wanting adjustments and their positive reactions to them made me realize LHNC and TNR's importance on the reservation. I am excited to continue to be part of the movement that is Love Has No Color.



~Derrik Pallis

Student, Life University

I have my passion back and have realized that I have that greatest job ever because I have an opportunity to help change the health and life's of so many people if they so choose to accept my help. I share this with you today because Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ed have changed my life and working with Love Has No Color and the people on the Reservations is a very special opportunity.


To be able to see a little girl's eyes brighten as she gets a big smile on her face as she receives an unexpected Chrismas gift and the excitement of a little boy when he gets a new basketball or toy truck. To see the relief of a father who now has food to feed his family. See these people have lost their passion, purpose, and hope. They just need someone to believe in them just as we all need someone to believe in us.


If you want to change your life and be happier then I challenge you to get involved in helping those who are less fortunate than you and watch your life change for the better. Thank you for reading this and I hope you take the time to listen to Dr. Kevin. Call me at (614) 777-1920 to get involved. If you don't have extra money then your time is just as valuable.


~Dr. Rod Merritt


Hilliard, OH

Sometimes as warriors, every time you're in battle, it seems you get a little stronger, and each time you get more confident. But in a battle where I am fighting amongst my own people, I'm starting to feel a little weak. But when we got to [Love Has No Color], I told Kenny, you know what? I'm starting to feel a little stronger. I'm starting to get that strength back. That pride, that dignity, that honor.


When I first got armor was full of arrows. I felt sad. Today, I feel good. I feel like crying because I'm so happy. I'm so happy that there are people that actually care about my people the way I care. Our kids are suffering from hopelessness. This is a battle that I shouldn't have to fight amongst my own people.


This is what you guys bring to our people: you guys bring hope, you guys bring pride, you guys bring accountability to our people.


I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart and from the spirit within for how you guys help me deal with this.


~Darryl Red Eagle


I continue to receive thanks for this opportunity. People are tired of giving money to organizations where large percentages go to administrative costs and not to those intended. With Love Has No Color they feel they are helping in a large way...which they are!


So, I thank you for giving us all an opportunity to help the children.


~Cheri Sargent


I was truly honored to be part of LHNC and do many things for the Reservation such as being able to adjust many kids and families, have fun with the kids, and be able to hand out groceries to Frazer and Brockton communities. Being able to help the communities on the Reservation was amazing, but what I didn’t expect was how much the communities would help us. For me what I noticed is that the love isn’t one-sided, it’s reciprocated. I acknowledge how strong and loving the families are even while in hard times. We all know how hard it is to smile when things seem to not be getting any better, but to see kids walk around with faces painted with a plate full of cupcakes, with backpacks on, that probably won’t be taken off for weeks, and most importantly a smile on their face. This brings a smile to my face as well as the people that I am surrounded by. This is when the ripples being to work their magic because when I am home and I get to tell people what I was doing with a smile on my face it will put a smile on their face. When I open up practice and put my dream catcher in a designated area for Love Has No Color where everyone can see it will bring up the question “What is Love Has No Color?” With a smile on my face, I will be able to tell them about an extremely strong community on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana and the strides that they are making. Thank you so much for all you do and I can not wait to watch this movement progress as the years go on.


~Dr. Adam Black

Opening a practice soon in Vermont.

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