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Meet Kenny Smoker

"We are blessed to have you and others as a part of our lives, an answered prayer."

Kenny Smoker is the Director of The Health Promotion/Disease Prevention program at the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, MT. Kenny, assisted with many team members, has been working as the Health Program Specialist for many years and is consistently looking for opportunities to bring health to the forefront for people at Fort Peck. He has been by our side for the past 19 years with Love Has No Color. Kenny and founder, Dr. Kevin Pallis, communicate regularly and are constantly working on new ideas to make Love Has No Color more effective and far-reaching. To date, Kenny has helped LHNC renovate a movie theater, which now acts as a safe place for the children on the Reservation to hang out; established a fully functioning Chiropractic office on the Reservation; built a court with synthetic flooring for the children to play on as a safer alternative to hardwood or concrete; and also organized dozens of events for LHNC over the years. We appreciate his hard work and dedication to the vision of LHNC and hope that together, we can end the third-world conditions that exist right here in the United States.

The sage has no concern for himself

But makes the concerns of others his own

He is good to those who are good

He is good to those who are not good

That is the virtue of good

He is faithful to those who are faithful

He is also faithful to people who are not faithful

That is the virtue of faithfulness

The sage is one with the world

And lives in harmony with it

People turn their eyes and ears to him

And the sage cares for them like his own children


~Tao Te Ching

This video is from the 2019 Boot Camp. Kenny Smoker and Dr. Megan address our group and talk about the impact Love Has No Color has made on the children and community.

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