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Boot Camp is the annual summer trek out to the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, MT. We do community service projects, put on events, and generally have an amazing time with the kids who live on the Reservation. Each year, Chiropractors, their patients, and community members from all over North America put on a fundraiser to aid the Native Americans who live in Poplar, Fraiser, and Wolf Point.

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Boot Camp runs for three days in August every year. The first two days are Fun Days in two different towns, Wolf Point and Poplar. These Fun Days include activities like sports and arts and crafts for the kids, Chiropractic adjustments, and Naturopathic treatments. The last day is full of community service. We also go to towns outside of Poplar and handout groceries to families in need.



Fun Day was started to give the kids on the Reservation a day to actually be kids and enjoy themselves in an exciting carnival-like atmosphere. We wanted to show them that there are people who care about them and that will continue to show up and better their environment. They are surrounded by caring and passionate people who remind them that they matter.


They look forward to activities like:

  • Make your own sand art

  • The Great Canadian Hydrotherapy

  • Face painting

  • Nail painting

  • Pony rides

  • Sports

  • And more!




Christmas on the Reservation is our holiday program designed to bring hope and joy to the children at schools on the Reservation. Beginning in October, people from all over and in many different professions begin a gift drive to collect new and needed items for the kids on the Reservations. Gifts are then shipped out to Montana at the end of November/beginning of December for our Christmas on the Reservation gift distribution ceremonies. We travel around the Reservation to the schools to brighten the holidays for each and every child. We make sure that every child has at least one gift each year- many times, because of LHNC, they receive a lot more!


Most of these children do not receive gifts on holidays nor experience the same childhood happiness that many of you and your children have or do experience. The Reservation is engulfed by alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, suicides (most of them children or young teens), and more. It’s not hard to see why many children lose faith and turn to drugs, as they believe there is nothing else out there for them. This is why we have promised to come back every year to continue bringing hope! 

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