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Geodesic Greenhouse Dome

 During the 2018 Boot Camp, we built a Geodesic Greenhouse Dome in partnership with the Assiniboine/Sioux tribes. This greenhouse will help provide not only an activity the children can do but also give them an opportunity to grow organic fruits and vegetables.


Not only will the families have pesticide-free, and organic food: it instills a sense of achievement and a grounding or centeredness with working with mother earth. Kenny Smoker commented on this it will be such a great activity for the kids and elders to participate in together. The exchange of tribal customs, language, and ways is invaluable to the kids. Now the elders will be working elbow to elbow with the kids. This is the first one installed and built, more are on the chalkboard.  This is a great partnership with the Tribal Council, Kenny Smoker, HPDP, and LHNC.  

IMG_0892 (2).jpg

Here are pictures from our December 2018 trip to the Reservation! The LHNC volunteers went out for Christmas on the Reservation. The Greenhouse Dome is coming along. Only a few more things need to be done until the children and families can start growing fruits and vegetables.

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