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Kids Deserve A Second Chance

For over 18 years of helping the Fort Peck Reservation, we’ve seen lots of kids that defied the odds and became successful adults in spite of the third-world challenges they face. Sadly, we’ve also seen lots of kids that have joined the ranks of adults that are destined not to improve their circumstances. It’s always about the power of one: that one kid that makes it when everyone else says, “Why bother?”

We’ve said it a thousand times before: kids matter. Recognizing them when they are young and letting them know that they matter and are sacred, changes the very course of their lives. It lights the candle of hope that they can make it just like lots of other kids have.

They will join the ranks of successful, responsible adults.

There are lots and lots of events and circumstances that befall kids on the Reservation and many of them are not under their control. There are many negative influences on the Reservation that tends to bring kids down.

At least twice a year each and every kid can depend upon a group of people to come to the Reservation and spend time with them. The kids are showered with gifts at Christmas time and every summer they get to get to have loads of fun at the Kids’ Day carnivals.

This is a constant in lives that are full of ups and downs. This consistency in a kid’s life can be a stabilizing force when other things have not been.

It’s something that lasts all year long.

Agreeing with what can’t be done takes no courage at all. Being a part of lessening the burden for a kid is what Love Has No Color is all about.

Love Has No Color invites people of all types to join with us to give the kids a better future.

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