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Santa Is Coming To Town On December 8th & 9th

For 18 years Love Has No Color has been bringing gifts to the Fort Peck Reservation for the kids. Seeing the love, joy, and smiling faces of these kids as they receive their gifts is something you can never forget.

So many people off of the Reservation simply expect gifts under the tree and don’t give too much thought to it. What if there weren’t any gifts; also what if there wasn’t even a tree?

The poverty in this and other Reservations is outside the comprehension of the majority of people. Third-world country conditions right here in the US are unthinkable…or are they?

Recognizing, welcoming, and having a rite of passage for each kid celebrates the importance and meaning of their lives.

All kids matter.

As trivial or simple an act of receiving a gift may appear, it has long-lasting effects.

Instilling a sense of worthiness and belonging are gifts that last a lifetime.

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