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The Code of the Native Americans

Navajo Code Talkers of World War 2 in the Pacific Theater kept the enemy from intercepting battle plans and troop movements. Even the famous German codes of World War 2 were deciphered with the legendary Enigma machine. Isn’t it strange that their code talk could never be broken?

Einstein said it best when he opined “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Estimates vary on the amount of “assistance” that has been afforded Native Americans but it can be reasonably assumed it’s in the high billions, low trillions. With all of these monies spent, it’s obvious that more ‘Below the Line’ money will not bring about significant paradigm changes. A paradigm shift that results in healthier kids has never been spoken about, much less acted upon. If it works on the community level, it will work on the reservation. There are just more obstacles to be overcome.

More well meaning government programs will not change the mindset that these kids must endure. Above the Line thinking, paradigm shift, health, love, compassion, believing in these kids, these are all non-linear concepts. They just can’t be recorded, analyzed and measured like temperature, speed, etc. It is in this non-linear dimension that solutions will come forth. We may not have all the solutions, but healthier kids will and do.

Why were the Navajo code talkers so effective? There are other languages that are equally complex, Chinese comes to mind,…why couldn’t the Native American language be deciphered? There is something above and beyond letters and symbols for Native Americans. This stumps the limited analytical scientific mind. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. There is a spirit in their communication. Something more than what you hear, what you understand. There is a wisdom far beyond the translation of symbols and logic. They are the original keepers of the earth. Most of their communication is oral, not written. They are storytellers by nature, not encyclopedia makers…therein lies the difference.

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