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Boot Camp Testimonials

After yet another successful boot camp out at the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, MT, we can't help but stop and think about what an incredible experience it was. Not a single person who was there came back home the same person. But as Lavar Burton in Reading Rainbow used to say, "You don't have to take my word for it..."

Going to Bootcamp was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend making the trip and sharing your love there. Something about the experience changes you. The children help your eyes and heart open wider and ignite a deeper passion to serve in a bigger way. I really fell in love with the children and am so grateful that I can go back there again and again. On top of that, I feel so much closer with all the TNR members that were there. It is an unspoken bond between us that forms from serving there. It was really beautiful to see so many families there too. The experience uplifts you and even though we serve in our offices all the time, this is different. I can't put my finger on it really - but something about working with so many other chiropractors and for the kids on the reservation makes it bigger and better. When I started TNR about 3 months ago, I thought I didn't love Chiropractic anymore. After this trip, I am more on purpose than ever. Those kids gave back to me too and I am so grateful for LHNC and the opportunity to serve in this beautiful way together.

-Dr. Sura Al-Shibib, New York, NY

Being a part of TNR’s boot camp at the Reservation helped to remove the chiropractic student blinders I had been wearing. As a DC2B my life is measured in quarters, weeks, exams, and test scores. None of these things are relevant at Fort Peck. Handing out the flyers announcing the Fun Day gave me insight to what it is like announcing myself to others as a chiropractor. The message I have to give may or may not be received and this is okay. Watching the children’s faces morph from initial hesitation into excitement and openness will be an image I will replay to give me motivation, focus, and a reminder of the bigger vision. The interactions with children reached beyond the superficial layer of life to the deeper balance of giving and receiving love. Being in the presence of conscious chiropractors vibrating in a high state was glorious because they are role models to me in the way they parent, run their practice, and are part of a community that turns words into action. The experience at Boot Camp strengthens my vision of what it means to be a successful chiropractor, what matters most, and what I can let go.

-Lizzy Snow, Atlanta, GA

Boot Camp 2015 was INCREDIBLE! From the rock ’n roll concert to the hundreds of kids and their families getting adjusted, it was a weekend I will never forget. I not only gained a greater appreciation for the life I live but more importantly a HUGE, passionate fire was re-ignited inside of me to continue to serve the children of Fort Peck with love, hope and inspiration. It was also so cool to experience Boot Camp with the other TNR students. I am proud of all of us for making the commitment to get out there, regardless of if it was the end of week 4 in school. It made all of us want to become better, more successful Chiropractors so we’ll be able to continue making a positive impact on the Rez with Love Has No Color. I am so grateful for Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ed whose big visions never cease to amaze and inspire me. I am already looking so forward to next year!

-Randi Jo Pallis, Atlanta, GA

It was my first time on the Fort Peck reservation. I heard a lot about it from Dr. Kevin but you must be there to experience the unique sense of ancient culture and tradition that has been suppressed for hundreds of years. It was an amazing and humbling experience to bring hope and maybe a moment of relief and happiness to these amazing people, especially the kids. Being around my TNR family and seeing them and their families at work was incredible. I can't wait to go back.

-Dr. Amit Ofek, Symrna, GA

From sending out videos to thank patients for their donations, dancing and running from child to child with a homemade tutu, face paint and red sprayed hair to providing backup vocals on stage Ava epitomized the meaning of LHNC from Brighton, Michigan to Fort Peck, Montana. At age 6 life is a beautiful wonder of love, excitement and joy...for Ava. But in Montana this isn't necessarily the story of the average 6 year old. With more differences than can be numbered the children all came together for fun, happiness and a day filled with excitement. For this day, no one was different. No one was left out. No one was left behind. All was heaven on earth. And there it was, if only for a day. The families of TNR combined with the love in a project called LHNC, created balance, harmony, equality and elevated thoughts, if only for a day. A day that will last forever in the mind of a little 6 year old girl from Brighton, Michigan who will know that heaven on earth is what we create, if only for a day.

-Dr. Melissa Osborn, Brighton, MI

My first boot camp was such an amazing experience. It was incredible to see the impact a small group of dedicated people can have on a community. Seeing the smiles and hearing the laughs of all the children is something I will never forget. To see all the children and adults wanting adjustments and their positive reactions to them made me realize LHNC and TNR's importance on the reservation. I am excited to continue to be part of the movement that is Love Has No Color.

-Derrick Pallis, Charleston, SC

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