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Christmas is coming for Fort Peck!

Last minute prep to bring 15,000 gifts, musical instruments and a whole lot of love to the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation

This week, 28 Chiropractors, adults, & kids will be distributing the gifts raised with Christmas on the Reservation on the Fort Peck Reservation. They will be coming from as far away as British Columbia, Canada, Manitoba, Canada, MA, NJ, MI, & IL, to bring joy to the kids on the Reservation.

Many of these kids live in third world conditions of disease, crime, poverty, alcohol and drug, suicide, and extreme hopelessness. These are our fellow Americans, people living in poverty, 65% unemployment, crime, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and more. The biggest problem is the loss of hope and the belief that things are unpromising on the reservation. However, this is all changing in a big way. For 10 years now, this Love Has No Color group has been bringing a sense of hope, dignity and health to the reservation.

Kenny Smoker, the wellness specialist on the reservation says the Chiropractors who put on LHNC are the ‘answer to our prayers’. The presence of the Chiropractors on the reservation gives the youth hope for the future and demonstrates there are people who care, off the reservation.

We want to thank the thousands of individuals that made this year’s effort possible.

***Please note, we collect gifts and accept donations year round. Give and donate often and in a humanitarian spirit.

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