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Christmas on the Res was a smashing success!

There was a knock on the door of the 2nd grade classroom. All the students got quiet all at once as the door opened and handful of adults and kids entered the classroom. There were a few nervous giggles as time stood still. These people weren’t from the Reservation, but there were sparks of recognition on the 2nd grader’s faces; they were from that Chiropractic group that hands out gifts every year. After all, these Chiropractors aren’t outsiders anymore, they’ve been coming back twice a year for over a decade. Like godparents, the feeling was the same for both the kids and for Santa’s little elves. The overriding emotion was ANTICIPATION! What was my present going to be this year?

Their classrooms featured so many colorful personalization's including portraits of themselves, art projects, Indian culture, language, values, and more. Even though many live in poverty and third world conditions, they proudly showed their classrooms to us. We’ve been welcomed into their worlds and invited to be in the fabric of their lives. Some teachers went on and on about the impact our programs have with the kids. Other teachers just welcomed us to their classrooms as extended family members.

It was all about the smiles, the laughing, the squeals, the 15,000 toys, gifts, sporting goods, musical instruments, coats, boots, sneakers, love and encouragement for the children of the Fort Peck reservation. An amazing group of 28 Chiropractors, CAs, kids, a Naturopath, and other supporters personally handed out the gifts to the kids. It’s amazing how something so simple, so basic as kindness can make such a lasting difference in kid’s lives.

We were a part of a basketball tournament and set up a Chiropractic and Naturopathic clinic which served more than 300 adults and children in a mere few hours. Kids, coaches, refs, and parents all got in on the fun.

One story that just pulled at your heartstrings was a boy of perhaps 14 years old. When asked if he played basketball, he dropped his head and sadly said no. He can’t afford basketball sneakers and he has to work 2 part time jobs to help with his mother and siblings. He said someday he’d like to play basketball, but for now it’s responsibility over activities.

The movement is on with the Fort Peck reservation. There is a paradigm shift that’s happening right now. The kids are beginning to believe in themselves. They are becoming healthier and realizing that there is hope. There are people who deeply care about them and are willing to give a helping hand.

Get involved in LHNC. Year round we are either raising funds or gathering gifts. You also can accompany us on our journeys to the reservation. Please note, you don’t have to be a Chiropractor to participate in LHNC. Chiropractors started this world project and continue to fuel it, however we are welcoming so many other groups and individuals to help out with this never been done before world project.

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