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When you hear the word “nonprofit”, what pops into your head?

Probably a charity or program of some kind. So much great work has been done by various charities that people don’t think about the costs they incur. Last year alone, the founder of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the charity that made Pink the official color of breast cancer, made almost half a million dollars, and barely a quarter of their revenue goes to screenings and tests.

LHNC makes sure that 100% of the donations recieved go directly to the kids at Fort Peck and beyond. There are no paid employees, no CEOs, no “unforeseen expenses”. We care about America’s first people and want them to know it. The kids at Fort Peck, Spirit Lake, and dozens of other reservations didn’t ask to be placed in gut wrenching, inhumane circumstances. It’s not their fault. But with your help, we can improve the quality of their lives.

Love Has No Color is a 501(c)(3) fully tax deductible organization that is committed to wiping out extreme hopelessness on the Fort Peck and other reservations. It goes way beyond giving kids gifts at Christmas (180,000 and counting!) and handing out school supplies in August. It goes way beyond awarding a $250,000 scholarship to Life University to become a Chiropractor. It goes way beyond raising tens of thousands of dollars each year that goes directly to the needs of the kids. No, it’s about getting kids to start believing in themselves and making better choices in life. It’s about restoring the hope and dignity to the people growing up with none. It’s about bringing health to all of the kids on the reservation with loving Chiropractic care.

If you’re an advocate of health, love, and the Native American people, you need to be involved in this movement. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

  • Donations…you can donate in a lump sum or as many do, monthly. Our record is a lump sum of $5,000, and we are hoping to receive much more this year. Monthly amounts vary from $25, $50 or $100 a month. It can be in your name, your families name, a deceased relative or even a deceased pet.

  • You can participate in events with us when we travel to the reservation. Everyone has skills and talents that are needed on the reservation! Especially prized are trades people like carpenters, electricians, general contractors,

Instead of getting grants or fat government payouts, we do the mirco thing and welcome hundreds (soon to be thousands) of small and medium sized donations and allow each and every one of our donors the opportunity to participate at the level they choose. LHNC is more about being a part of a close knit community than being a top heavy bureaucratic organization where only a few pennies out of each dollar go to the intended cause.

We get results because our economics are sustainable with our donor base.

Need more info? Call or email us today! We actually have live knowledgeable, friendly people who will assist you.

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