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There are so many great projects and charities, but unless they are up front and personal, they aren’t really relevant to you. You go on with your everyday life because unless it affects you in the moment, it’s likely that you won’t get involved. And then you find out that right here in the US there are kids that live in 3rd world conditions - then it becomes close up and personal. Donating money is only one way to help these kids…you decide what level to participate at.

At our annual Fun Day last year in Poplar, MT, there was kid after kid wolfing down hot dogs. Being unaccustomed to seeing little kids inhaling hot dogs, I joking commented an older sister, your brother can sure eat hot dogs, is he training for a hot dog eating competition?

She looked at me as if I was from another planet and said, this may be the only meal he gets for days!

I could see the truth and the shame in her eyes…a child right here in the USA that goes hungry everyday!

The easiest way to help these kids is to become involved with Love Has No Color. An often overlooked and underutilized strategy is to share via social media so more people are exposed to this truth about the reservations. Just sharing LHNC with your social media friends and followers puts us in contact with more and more people who can help our cause. We meet so many micro and macro donors this way. We were put in touch with a huge business owner who pledged his company’s support to our cause simply because he was made aware of this project. He plans on sending a group from one of his companies to help out on Fun Day. He says he has been looking for a way to build more camaraderie and this will be great. A real win-win for everyone. Hundreds of our micro supporters give time and money as a result of sharing on social media aka the new word of mouth. You never know who might see it!

If you are reading this, it’s time to do your part: share what you know with all of your social contacts. Let them figure out at what participation level they choose, whether it’s financial donations, attending our events on the reservation, donating supplies like backpacks, items for school, or non-perishable food items. We even have a church that is contemplating bringing some ‘at risk’ teenagers to help the kids on the reservation. Kind of like Outward Bound meets missionary work. All are welcome, so spread the word!


Thank you

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