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The doctors who care

One of the freedoms that many US citizen possess is the ability to choose the doctor of their choice. Many take this choice lightly, others don’t. After all, what could be more important than health? Love Has No Color started out as a group of Chiropractors who were appalled at the third world living conditions of the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond, and decided to do something about it.

We’ve completed so many projects in the time we’ve been making the long trek to Fort Peck. From refurbishing a movie theater, sending a candidate from the reservation on a scholarship to become a Chiropractor, building a skate park, creating a Chiropractic office, to putting down a synthetic basketball surface in Poplar for safer bballing. Our recurring programs keep getting bigger and bigger, with 2015 being our biggest year yet! There were a record 8 offices represented at Christmas on the Res and an absurd 56 people at our Boot Camp last August! We like to think it was the band, Don’t Quit Your Day Job that brought the people out in droves.

Each month we get requests from people from all across the US and Canada (even overseas) to inquire if we have any DCs near them. The reason is simple: they can trust a doctor who is so humanitarian and so clearly cares about people. Our doctors are not only great doctors, they are great humanitarians.

Most Chiropractors went into the profession to help people. Some stay the course and others start to look at what they can get from people, rather than help them to the best of their abilities. For those docs, most their time is spent with administration and billing insurances instead of putting all their time, effort and resources toward patient care. Not so with Chiropractors in our group! Everything is about serving people.

Almost all the doctors that make up our program have done extensive missionary type trips before, often in far away countries. They loved helping people, but they didn’t like they would never see them again. With LHNC, they get to return year after year and watch the kids get healthier, happier and lose their extreme hopelessness. One Chiropractor described our efforts as a sacred human garden. We fertilize, weed and water the garden and watch the magnificent plants and vegetables bloom.

Last summer, a synthetic basketball court was installed by LHNC volunteers near the pool facility in Poplar. The kids love to practice on this court, it makes them feel like they are at a D1 school or in the pros. This year, the Poplar basketball team has reached district championships. These kids who chose to play sports, work hard for their grades, avoid trouble are making a name for the Fort Peck reservation. All the doctors, their patients and all donors worldwide are so proud of the kids on the reservation!

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