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How you can be a hero to these kids?

In the next couple of weeks, we are going to be starting our 2016 LHNC fundraiser. We’ll be attempting to raise $125,000 in 100 days. The funds raised will go 100% to the kids on the Fort Peck. We’ll be buying literally tons of high quality, non-perishable food and over a thousand backpacks full of school supplies for the kids. The awesome thing about LHNC is that we have no paid staff or consultants only volunteers, so you KNOW that everything you do to help goes directly to the little ones at Fort Peck. It’s so rewarding for people to actually witness where their donation dollars go. We also have a video for all donors.

There are 2 no-brainer ways you can help:

  • First is to donate and donate often. Donate as a gift to someone or in memory of a loved one or pet. Get your church, synagogue, Boy/Girl Scout troops, companies, philanthropic organizations, individuals, families, involved.

  • Second is to join us in Poplar, MT on August 4th-6th for three days of fun, service and community. We’ll be helping out the kids and adults with handyman projects, putting on country western/rock n roll concerts and changing lives through health and Chiropractic. Whole families bring their kids with them to instill in them the art of giving back. Many at risk, shut down teenagers have participated and left with a new lease on life. Can we come back next year, they ask?

It’s become clear in the 10 years of Love Has No Color has been returning to Fort Peck that there is a common thread that binds us all - our connection to others. The Dali Lama refers to this phenomenon as “interconnectedness”. Helping people is in all of us. Is it DNA, cultural, or being humanitarian? Once someone understands the appalling and disturbing third world conditions these kids must endure, they almost always gasp “How can I help”?

Edmund Burke has a famous quote that says something similar to “Evil only can exist when enough good men and women choose to do nothing”. The last few years has seen more and more LHNC friends and affiliates that are not Chiropractors or patients of Chiropractors. We invite all people interested in helping the kids to jump on the 2016 LHNC bandwagon and get involved! We even have some people who want to bring buses to the reservation. Hey, the more the merrier! There is something for everyone to do.

Tradespeople are especially valuable as we installed an outdoor synthetic basketball court last year. Hairdressers cut the kids hair. There’s whiffle ball, dodge ball, strength and fitness contests for the sporty folks. We have even had professional hockey players teach the kids street hockey and donate hockey sticks. Other years we have refurbished a dilapidated movie theater so the kids can have a safe hangout away from gangs. No matter what your talents, as long as you will love the kids, you are more than welcome on the Res.

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