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What would Johnny Cash do?

I was recently sitting shoulder to shoulder during an intense, private day long consultation with a powerful, humanitarian Chiropractor. I mentioned this thought to him: if people were healthier, the prison population would drop. He blurted out, why don’t you put on a Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison concert at Fort Peck? The prison concert idea was birthed for Love Has No Color. The developer of Chiropractic, BJ Palmer - a true visionary - saw Chiropractic as not just a means of health, but a way of society evolving in a positive fashion.

As if two separate Fun Days in two separate locations weren’t enough, now we add adjusting the prisoners (almost 100!), care packages (including goodies and inspirational books) and a Folsom Prison Concert to the mix. The Fun Days will feature adjusting the kids and adults, dunk tanks, every imaginable type of pods from face painting, fitness, pony rides, whiffle ball, rugby, obviously the outdoor rock ‘n roll, country western concert, all you can eat food for the kids, as well as handing out 1,000 back packs loaded with school supplies. A first for us, we’ll be supplying high-quality, non perishable food to hundreds of families via our LHNC meals on wheels vans.

For 10 years now, LHNC has been helping to restore the hope and health of these kids on Fort Peck reservation. We are at the tipping point and we are asking support from everybody, but we’re not stopping there! We also want to invite everybody to our Fun Day August 4th-6th. This is not a charity, it’s a movement to restore the inalienable rights that were stolen and continue to be violated against First Nation people.

Won’t you donate to our fundraising site (link here) or plan on joining our celebration of the kids? You will never look at your life the same way. These kids touch you in a way that defies description. So many of your seemingly “big” problems just seem to fade in importance once you truly understand what really is important in life. These kids matter!

Thank you for your help.

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