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America before America

When someone says, "America", one usually thinks of the United States. But America itself dates back countless centuries. There was a nation here far before Columbus made his famous blunder and accidentally "discovered" a new land. No, this land was not new. It was old. It had people, it had history, it had civilizations, lifestyles, children, traditions, laughter, tears, stories, languages, dances.

Times have changed. Those original histories, lifestyles, traditions, and stories are almost gone. They've been conveniently packaged up and wrapped in a box called "Reservation". The priceless wisdom of ancient nations and the treasured traditions of a people that have been in America for time immemorial may be lost if no one fights for them.

Love Has No Color is much more than a charity or a non-profit. It's a movement that connects passionate and purposeful humanitarians and gives them a chance to act on their humanitarian instincts. And it's so easy! LHNC is unique because it has no paid employees and next to no overhead. When you donate money to LHNC, it goes straight to supplies, food, and gifts for children on the Reservation at Fort Peck. It doesn't line the pockets of the CEO, it doesn't pay for the president's country club membership, it serves many of the children and families who live in third world conditions right here in our country.

If you want to make a difference and give back to the true citizens of America, Love Has No Color is your perfect it.

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