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Can a Backpack Save a Kid's Life?

It’s less than 2 weeks away. The infamous Boot Camp/Fun Day carnival on August 4-6 on the Fort Peck Reservation in Wolf Point/Poplar, MT. It’s a 3 day celebration of the kids with Fun Days, pony rides, dunk tanks, face painting and every conceivable activity from fitness, to juggling, to street hockey. We also have all you can eat lunches, free Chiropractic care, free Naturopathic care, a live country/rock n roll concert, free backpacks loaded with school supplies and free non-perishable, high quality food to be given away.

Seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they receive their back packs is priceless. They always clutch them and wrap both arms around them while pulling them towards their hearts. These back packs symbolize a lot more than just a back pack stuffed with school supplies. It symbolizes life itself. It exemplifies a humanitarian group of Chiropractors and their friends that have been coming to the reservation for 10 years, now helping out the kids. It’s all about a promise kept, that these kids matter, even though they are ‘hidden away’ on reservations that few Americans will ever see…THEY STILL MATTER!

We got lots of correspondence from our last post "Can a Rock n Roll Guitar Save a Kid’s Life." It can! It starts out affecting a small amount of kids, a kid here or there and before you know it, everyone joins in on the fun.

Every donation, every volunteer makes a difference with Love Has No Color. We have no paid CFO’s, Presidents, CEO’s, members or consultants. Everyone does it because it’s the right thing to do. Our dollars reach more kids and do more good because of the lack of bureaucracy, administration and overhead.

These back packs reach almost every kid on the reservation. These back packs touch the kids hearts They are physical signs that they are recognized, that they matter and people outside the reservation are looking out for them. Our Boot Camp/Fun Day is the most attended event of the year. Kids look forward to it all year round. This year high quality, non perishable food is being provided for families in need. A first for Fun Day.

We are also venturing into the jail to bring books to the inmates, free Chiropractic care and a rock n roll concert for inmates in the jail!

If you have been following us for awhile on our website or social media, it’s not too late to get involved. You may or may not be able to participate this year, but you certainly can donate. Click the link below to donate!

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