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Stamping out hunger on the Fort Peck Reservation for good

The kids were all gathered in the newly renovated Poplar Movie theater. There were 200 beaming faces that were so excited you could practically cut the suspense in the air. This movie theater had been abandoned since the 60’s. It took nearly 7 years, but through the efforts of LHNC and other volunteer groups, Kenny Smoker, HPDP, Fort Peck Tribal Council and individuals, it now is a functioning movie theater and indoor archery center. Tonight, they were going to enjoy a kids movie, have some popcorn, a bag lunch and they were also going to receive some other goodies.

The kids were torn between if they would rather receive a Christmas present left over from our Christmas on the Reservation or a loaf of bread. To our shock, most picked the bread! We were relayed this information and as a result, we will be providing high quality, non-perishable food for 300-350 families August 4th and 5th at Fun Day Carnival in Poplar and Wolf Point.

Our fundraising efforts are nearly complete for 2016 and we should end up with over $30,000 in total. Which is absolutely wonderful. As stated above, we are providing 300-350 families with a few months of high quality yummy food to help throughout the year. We are also bringing over 1,000 back packs filled with rather spectacular school supplies.

We will be putting on our infamous Kid’s Day Carnival in Wolf Point on August 4th from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Wolf Point High School. There will be face painting, all you can eat lunches, dunk tanks, juggling, free Chiropractic adjustments, Naturopathic treatments, pantry food for families, and a live rock concert. Later that day/early evening we will be having an indoor rock concert at the Wolf Point High School auditorium.

The next day we will be in Poplar putting on the Kid’s Day Carnival from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Same as the day previously, but with a different group of kids! Food, backpacks and all that jazz will be distrubted as well as Chiropractic adjustments and Naturopathic treatments!

Saturday is our community service day where our group of over 60 people will repair, fix, create, or renovate a major job that needs to be done in Wolf Point or Poplar. We will also be going to the jail in Poplar to visit the inmates. We will give them Chiropractic care, Naturopathic care, and donate the Mindful Athlete by George Mumford whilst putting on a Johnny Cash style concert.

This marks the 10 year anniversary of LHNC helping the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation. We would love if you can join us if you’re able. We collect funds year long as well, but fundraising for Bootcamp ends TODAY!

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