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When was the last time you had this much fun?


63 people from all walks of life descended upon the Fort Peck Reservation last weekend for Love Has No Color’s annual Fun Day. Chiropractors, Chiropractic assistants, adults, kids, teenagers, carpenters, cowboys, jugglers, you name it! They came via plane, car, and fun bus (17 from Heartland Naturopathic in Manitoba). All over the states and 4 provinces of Canada were represented. The focus was ending the sense of hopelessness that the sweet kids on the Fort Peck Reservation feel.

1200 backpacks loaded with school supplies, 800 bags of groceries (filled with non-perishable, high quality, non-government surplus) pantry staples, Chiropractic and Naturopathic care for 1500 kids and adults, and a Fun Day Carnival in two communities Wolf Point and Poplar. We even had a live rock n roll concerts for the kids, adjusted inmates at a jail and provided each and every one of them with an inspirational book The Mindful Athlete by George Mumford, plus a jailhouse outdoor concert for the inmates.

One of the highlights of the event was a brother (Brendon) and a sister (Sarah) who play bass guitar and joined the band. They received a song book with all the songs and learned them so quickly and they played great! The connections they made with the band were amazing. It was part of LHNC’s commitment to bringing music to the reservation. In the past few years, many instruments have been donated to the schools by LHNC. These kids are tremendous lovers of music and jumped at the chance to join us in our band Don’t Quit Your Day Job. They added so much to the music and the fellowship of the event. Even the music teacher of one of the schools played piano at 2 of our 4 concerts.

These Fun Days are the highlight of the summer for these kids. They look forward to it all year round. Seeing these kids that unfortunately are living in 3rd world conditions enjoy themselves this much is more than heart warming. It gives the kids hope of someone outside of the reservation caring for them. These kids didn’t ask to be put in these circumstances, they have no say. They depend on humanitarian activists who insist on doing the right thing by these kids.

We always feature a special Fun Day tee shirt and this years said '10 years of keeping our word, healthy kids turn into healthy adults, all kids matter.' This year fluorescent lime green and they certainly stood out!

If you want to purchase a commemorative t-shirt of the event, please call or click. Minimum of 5 t-shirts per order.

Special thanks goes out to all donors for our 2016 fundraiser. The funds raised help kids 365 days a year. If you are Jonesing for a trip of a lifetime for your family, circle the dates for Fun Day 2017!

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