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I Don’t Want a Stinkin’ Present

It’s not that uncommon to receive kid’s requests for presents here at Love Has No Color - the Christmas on the Reservation North Pole headquarters. A teacher included a bunch (22) of requests from a second grade class. Most were you know, the usual ‘in or cool game of the season’, X-Box, snowmobiles, Barbies, VR goggles, etc. The one that stopped me cold was the one that crossed out their selection (in crayon of course) and did not fill out anything else. When the teacher asked why he said 'I don’t want a stinkin’ present!'

I called the teacher directly and asked if she had any inkling of who this kid might be. In an instant she knew exactly who it was. It was a new student who has moved from 3 separate reservations in the last couple of years. He gets shuttled between foster and other surrogate grandparents that do the best they can, however, he is a shut down, angry little guy who never smiles and has no friends.

We put the Love Has No Color machine in overdrive and figured out (with the teachers help) what would put a smile on this little guy’s face. In addition to having a little extra gifts and toys for this kid, we asked if it would be alright if he helped hand out the gifts to the other kids in his school (he loved his elf hat) and we even took him to other schools. He just lit up with the biggest smile. I was like a dream to him. I was almost too good to be true.

This happened a few years back and we always see this little (well he’s not so little anymore) guy at all of our events. He loves helping kids because he remembers the help he received when he needed it. You just never forget his smile that seemed to say it all. The little tears that streamed from his eyes let him feel like a little boy again instead of being forced to grow up as a hardened adult. He wasn’t abandoned and he wasn’t let down. Nobody forgot about this little guy. Even though he technically asked for nothing, he still received. LHNC’s goal is always to make sure every kid on the reservation K-12 receives at least one gift.

This year we are of course bringing presents, lots of them. We are also bringing more high-quality, non-perishable food. We are even going into the local jail to bring Christmas cheer to the inmates.

We need your help. From donations to buying of our extremely limited 2016 commemorative LHNC ornament, everyone reading this can help out our kids on the reservation.

Putting smiles on the kids faces today gives the kids and opportunity to grow up healthy and have a bright future.

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