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Are your kids sometimes ungrateful? Do you want to show you kids a lesson they will never forget?

Maybe your kids are well behaved for the most part. But when they act up, boy do they act up. They have meltdowns, show aggressiveness, experience moodiness, or they're distracted, unmotivated and have an indifference to life. They can even mouth off to you or alternatively, give you the silent treatment. You and your spouse work tirelessly to provide the best for them, but sometimes they appear ungrateful for all of your efforts. Many psychologists classify them as children of privilege.

In an effort to please their every whim, parents sometimes can try and do too much for their kids. As a result, they grow up expecting the world to see to their needs. By the time they get into relationships, careers and other milestone positions, these characteristics become glaring weaknesses with horrific consequences..

More and more families are taking their kids to the reservation for Christmas on the Reservation and the Summer Boot Camp. Why? It's a chance for them to get up close and personal to the 3rd world conditions present on the reservation that they are fortunate enough not to experience. Most kids take for granted something as simple as eating three times a day. This is not the case with many residents of the Fort Peck reservation.

Many parents marvel at the even keel most of these kids have on the reservation. Isn’t it amazing that with kids with so little, they have such a dignity, a love about them. They love visiting with the reservation's guests. Not only are they truly grateful for the assistance LHNC brings, they seem to get along with all different types of kids. They don’t see color, economic status, or seem to care where you’re from. They just want to get to know you, hang out, play games, and see that you have a great time when on the reservation.

Kids that visit the reservation have higher life expectancies than kids that live on the reservation. Between accidents, disease, etc there may be 20-40 years difference!

Having your kids visit with kids on the reservation always serves to fill their hearts with a gratitude of what they have at home. They come home with a greater appreciation for what really matters in life.

If you’re planning a family vacation this summer, August would be a great month to take it.

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