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How would helping kids on a Reservation in MT benefit my family?

Enclosed is a very heartfelt donation to Love Has No Color. It seems as though every trip to the Reservation teaches me a life lesson I need. This year was no different. This past year, so much more than ever before, I have been able to feel that connection that comes from sharing your love and energy with others. In years past, I almost felt awkward with the kids, not sure what they wanted from me, how they wanted me to be. This year I realized that all they wanted is for me to be myself-just as I am is good enough. When I was willing to reach out, that was all I needed to do. Through the day I found myself wearing many hats – teacher, Mom, and even playmate- and I was comfortable in all of them. I believe I reached this point because I am now willing to receive back from the world the good that I have tried to put forward.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something that has changed my life.

Unbeknownst to many is the incredible after effect you receive after partaking in something that was not expected of you. An action that makes you go the extra mile: you don’t have to do it, and yet you do! Those who take the time to volunteer for LHNC know their efforts will make a huge impact on the kids at the reservation. What they don't realize is the amazing impact it can have on their own kids and what an amazing opportunity it is to teach them about what is truly important in life. Whether it comes from you, a teacher, their grandparents or even their peers, kids are always going to hear about the importance of doing the right thing. But they won't appreciate it until they actually do it. We must teach them to practice what we preach.

When your kids watch you make the effort to collect donations, raise gifts or toys and take the time to venture out to the reservation, it helps set their moral gyroscope; sometimes without you even realizing it. We've always encouraged parents to bring their kids to the reservation. They love having the opportunity to see the pictures and videos of themselves doing good show up all over the internet. Some of the kids have even stated that the trip out to Montana was one of the best vacations ever for their families. There seems to be a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood between the LHNC volunteer kids and the kids from the reservation as they all get along when we are there.

There has never been a better time in history to demonstrate humanity, and Gen-X and Millennial parents are seizing the bull by the horns. When kids help other kids, there is a new ripple of hope, an awakening of possibility for those on and off the reservation to make a difference.

We will be announcing dates for Boot Camp, Fun Day and the inaugural Summer Camp in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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