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What message does it send to the world, how we treat America’s First People?

Can kids on the Fort Peck Reservation hold the key to world peace?

You’ve heard it before about the square root of 1%, the butterfly wings in Africa effecting weather in Montana, how people like Ghandi, MLK, Nelson Mandela and others of high consciousness can create change in the world that nobody else can. Money, military might, think tanks, bombs, soldiers, economic sanctions, government, and well intentioned beaurocracies cannot touch complex, difficult social problems. They only complicate the mess even further. It cannot be done with logic, it must be done with a higher consciousness coupled with love! Like a screwdriver to drive nails, logic is the wrong tool for the job. It simply won’t get the job done. And it’s not because of a lack of trying or throwing money at the problem.

These kids who are experiencing such dramatic change in their lives will grow up to effect lots of others both on and off the reservation. They will not talk about social change and inalienable rights, they will become the change. Every time they demonstrate these changes they send action ripples throughout the world for others to pick up on and create their own change.

People know a lot more about what is going on around the world because we are all now more connected due to social media.

What message does it send to the world about how we treat America’s First People? We can fight in 100 more wars with people you never knew existed; in countries you can’t even spell, while we have urgent human rights conflicts right here beneath our noses.

Did anyone hear about Native American rights during the past presidential election?

All nations of the world will sit up and take notice when we move toward the solution of reuniting indigenous people with their country. Canada issued each Aboriginal (their word for Indian) a cash stipend and a heartfelt apology from the Prime Minister. It recognizes what transpired previously and admitted to wrongdoing. It doesn’t change the past, but it goes a long way toward welcoming back people who have qualities, skills, abilities and outlooks on our environment that we don’t.

If you don’t think terrorism and environmental issues from clean drinking water to global warming are not worthy of your attention, you’re myopic. Even if you get to escape direct effects of these, your kids and grandkids will pay the price.

Seeing these kids get back on their feet and reclaim their human inalienable rights will send a clear message to other nations of how we handle difficult circumstances. This problem can’t be swept under the rug anymore. These kids hold the key to freedom and all nations cooperating instead of warring with each other.

We are headed to the reservation next week. Please make a donation by clicking the donate button on the top left of your screen to help bring health, hope and dignity to the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond.

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