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Why Aren’t You Guys On All Reservations and Reserves in The US and Canada?

When we first started LHNC in 2005 nobody knew (or cared) who we were and what a group of ‘outsiders’ were doing on the reservation. There simply was no belief in us at all. Then after a few years and countless projects completed (movie theater, fun day, skate park, Life U Chiropractic scholarship, 250,000 Christmas gifts and counting, outdoor synthetic basketball court surface) people started to have partial belief in us.

Now something magical has happened. The kids, elders and many adults are having a deeper level of belief in our intentions and our honorability. They drop their kids off at our events and say, we’ll pick you up later, you’re safe with the Chiropractors. One elder remarked there is ‘iron’ in your words and promises. The tipping point is in sight.

We get lots of emails from sympathetic people all across the US thanking us for our help and vision. Some send small and not so small donations year round. We also get a lot of ‘why aren’t you guys on other reservations and reserves like Standing Rock in ND?"

The answer is relatively simple…LHNC is a non-violent movement based on health, peace and love. We don’t go in and demand or command people. The effects of LHNC must be concentrated and will not happen overnight. Overexpansion cripples so many worthwhile endeavors. Funding or sustainability is the lifeblood of any movement. When you expand too quickly, the project or mission dies. Jeffery Sachs, the foremost expert on 3rd world poverty warns of this in his book “The end of poverty”. Our mission is to restore the inalienable rights of Native Americans marooned on reservations. This model was started and developed on the Fort Peck Reservation, and it will undoubtedly be carried to other soils, but it needs to be further developed.

The ripples of kindness and love will be felt on all reservations, slums, ghettos and other areas of oppression as a result of the efforts on the Fort Peck reservation. Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Mandela were all asked why they ‘restricted’ their attention to only one area or one country. Their movements took years to decades to become fulfilled and when a certain ‘tipping point’ was reached, the benefit (or the increased humanity) was felt throughout the world. Ghandi’s chosen country was India, although every colony England had colonized felt the benefit of his mission. Same with Mother Theresa, her ‘model’ of kindness resonated all over the world. MLK protests and marches only occurred in a few states and yet our entire country was made better from his example.

Even though we currently are based on one reservation, the ripples will touch all reservations, reserves (in Canada) and areas of oppression in the world. If you want to join the LHNC community there are so many ways of expressing your interest. From donations, to coming out on trips, to introducing us to influential celebrities, powerful people, this really speeds up things and helps us do more great things faster. Feel free to click or call. Take action today!

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