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Will a future Chiropractor receive a gift at X-Mas on the Reservation? Watch a video below of a kid

Now that there is a full time Chiropractor (Dr. Megan Cartillar) on the Fort Peck Reservation, kids have new, loftier aspirations than before. There are now lots of kids on the reservation that want to be Chiropractors themselves! Not just any kind of Chiropractor…the kind that helps kids.

Not all kids on the Fort Peck Reservation are going to grow up to become Chiropractors, but sure enough some will. There is more of an emphasis being made on education and being the best you can be instead of following what others are doing. That’s what LHNC has been teaching for over 11 years now. We are constantly restoring the health, hope and dignity to kids on the reservation, and stressing the idea that each kid matters. Because of this inspiration, more kids will stay in school, stay away from drugs and booze and make better decisions about their lives. More will become other types of professionals such as entrepreneurs and people who have a passion for being in the trades. It’s now COOL to stay in school!

The kids on the Fort Peck Reservation are starting to believe in themselves once again. They are starting to ‘step up’ their game and inviting others to follow their lead. Kids are finding the courage to stand up for what’s right.

Kenny Smoker, the HPDP, the Tribal Council, the Corrections Facility, and lots of others are really helping LHNC help as many kids as possible. Each year we meet so many young adults that were touched by LHNC. The stories are endless.

One elder came up to us and said, you don’t know me, but I want you to know the kind of impact you have made on my grandson. Apparently the exact toy that this little guy wanted didn’t reach Santa’s sleigh in time and he got something other than what he had his heart set on. He threw a tantrum and smashed the toy and refused to receive it.

Someone in our group took the angry little guy aside and asked what this kid really wanted. He told us “a remote control car”, and one of our TNR members said, “I will be back with that special car". You should have seen the look this kid gave our group when he heard this. He loudly proclaimed, “you’ll never come back…just like the other people in my life”.

Later that day we returned back to his school and the principle took our group to his classroom. We surprised the little guy with the toy that meant everything to him. The look he gave us says it all. “You guys really kept your promise”.

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