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Is it true that the NBA and NHL are really coming to the Fort Peck Reservation?

This coming August, summer camp will be arriving to the Fort Peck reservation that will feature pros from the basketball world, the hockey world, the fitness world and many, many more! There are so many social causes popping up all over the world, yet Love Has No Color is right here in this country. You might say that Native Americans were the original social cause in this country!

These summer camp kids will receive on court instruction from the NBA pros on the brand new synthetic outdoor SnapSports basketball court. It also will double as a street hockey arena for the pros of hockey to strut their stuff. Not all of the instruction the kids will receive will be sports related. Some of it will be about life skills and making decisions that will positively shape their lives.

Some of the most influential social causes are the ones that you support year after year. It takes an uncommon type of commitment to dedicate yourself to a cause. There is nothing wrong with donating once to a cause. However, going back to Fort Peck year after year is like a homecoming of sorts. It’s more than just us giving, the kids give back to us in ways that are difficult to describe.

Each year we see more and more progress with the kids. They are taking more initiatives, making better decisions and they have much brighter futures. All it takes is for people to support and encourage them when they need the help. Too many adults on the reservation were not helped when they were younger and were claimed as victims of extreme hopelessness.

Love Has No Color has a firm belief that every child has an untapped, inner dimension of greatness that needs to be activated. Encouraging and recognizing these gifts allow the child to grow up to a much brighter future filled with health, hope and dignity.

Quantum physics tells us that each part of all parts of the molecule make up the whole. A drop of the ocean contains everything that makes up the entire ocean. It’s all connected.

Helping the kids on the reservation helps all of us be better. Better spouses, better parents, more successful in business, and more compassionate toward all people.

There are so many levels you can help out with: from donations, to putting LHNC on your social contacts, to coming to the reservation to volunteer. You pick your level of participation, the important part is to get involved!

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