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Love & Compassion

The kids on the Fort Peck Reservation are starting to get in a groove. There are more kids becoming involved in academics, sports activities, music endeavors and community projects than ever before. There definitely a ‘pay it forward’ mindset among the kids and it shoes in their efforts to help those less fortunate. They are looking out for one another and their futures are starting to look a whole lot brighter.

There is a new sense of optimism and hope that is starting to blossom all over the reservation. The kids are making much better choices and school isn’t as much as a hassle as it was before. The after school programs are being utilized by many more kids from all grade levels.

Critics and skeptics will point out the extreme hopelessness and 3rd world conditions on the reservation and say there is no hope. As we all know by now, there are no simple solutions to complex problems. However, there are still solutions when you look hard enough for one.

There are still lots and lots of things that have to be improved or upgraded on the reservation. However, over at the LHNC headquarters we are noticing an upsurge in participation, with all kinds of people getting behind our fundraising efforts. When people understand that all of their donated monies reach the kids (no paid employees, consultants, all volunteers, 5013c status) they are very generous. On the hit show Shark Tank, Mark Cuban famously touts that business today leads with a social cause. We are talking about the ‘original’ social cause, America’s First People.

We are also getting many people from all walks of life that want to join us for our Fun Day/Boot Camp Summer Camp celebration that spans a full 4 days. The first 2 days will be reserved for the Fun Days Carnival, while the last two will be a dedicated summer camp for the kids. Having a summer camp experience like this will be a defining moment and swing the tide for many of these kids to make better life choices. Native Americans have often been referred to as America’s Forgotten People. This camp will celebrate, recognize and honor all those in attendance and beyond. There has never before been a program like this on the reservation and with your help, you will be a part of making history. Thank you.

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