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Why these kids need you and YOU also need these kids!

These kids are living in third world conditions and they didn’t ask or deserve to be put in this circumstance. Life on the reservation is challenging for all residents, especially the children. It’s difficult enough when the actual lives of the kids are without health, hope and dignity, but when the future is all but erased, that’s where we draw the line in the sand. We won’t let this happen. Our 2017 fundraising efforts are only a few weeks away and we need everyone’s help and here’s why.

Life off the reservation is not without its challenges. But truth be told, many who live off of the reservation lead lives of comfort, luxury and meaning. The pursuit of the American dream is more readily available to those who live off of the reservation.

Even though many living off of the reservation are a lot better off, there is an invisible thief who lurks in their hearts and minds…it's known as complacency. Their life takes on a comfortable hue: the bills are paid, they have money in the bank, their kids are doing just fine, they have a great spouse, etc. and there is an invisible gravitational pull toward coasting and not getting involved in things that don’t have personal meaning to them.

We see it all the time with professional people, including lawyers, doctors, and dentists. Once they are successful, they seem to isolate and get involved with less things that don’t touch their lives personally. They lose their interconnectedness with others. They feel sorry for the kids on the reservation, but no action is taken. A dimension of their humanity goes along with it.

What we have found over the last 11 years of helping these kids is that we need these kids as much as these kids need us!

There is a certain feeling or optimism that you get when you help others outside of your personal inner circle. There is something magical when you join forces with a movement that actually creates positive change. Not talking about it…DOING IT!

When you see the kids on the reservation making an effort to improve their lives, it inspires all of us to teach these same lessons to our kids at home. So many couples that donate or actually experience helping out on the reservation always comment on their relationships becoming better, deeper and having more meaning.

This summer you will get to be a part of the big picture regardless of your level of participation because we will be posting the pictures and videos from our time on the reservation.

You can donate and/or attend the event and you're welcome to bring your family or guests. Whatever level you wish to participate at, DO IT! Be a part of a movement of people who are involved solely because it’s the right thing to do and it feels so good.

Someone emailed from the reservation and asked us why we continue to help the kids and we responded " because it’s the right thing to do."

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