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Don’t feel sorry for us, join us on the Reservation on August 9th to the 12th

We are witnessing a new generation of adults who think more in terms of global parenting, rather than DNA only directed parenting. They understand we are all interconnected and when known injustices are ignored we are all negatively affected. Instead of telling these kids how they should be, think, and act, they love and support them. Love is the new currency instead of relying solely on programs and handouts.

“Can you love people and lead them without imposing your will?”

Lao Tzu

For many, this year will be the first time they will be fundraising and traveling to the Fort Peck Reservation. Upon arrival, most visitors are usually not overwhelmed by the poverty and third world conditions there because of the beauty of the amber colored mountains and the scenery coming out of a vintage Clint Eastwood movie. These kids, especially the wee ones, don’t know they live in third world conditions. They just love to see visitors coming from all over the country to be with them.

Feeling sorry for these kids wont help them, only taking action will. By uniting with a common goal, we will eradicate extreme hopelessness. There are so many ways to participate in our 2017 Summer Fundraising and Boot Camp. You can donate directly right here on our Love Has No Color website, you can join us for the activities on the Reservation, you can share posts on your social contact list, or you can start a fundraising team on our Crowdrise website. The ways are endless.

If more people got involved with LHNC, all kids on reservations everywhere would face brighter futures.

We are especially looking for trades people to join us this year because we are going to be doing even more community service. Some crews will be working day and night, from making repairs on homes and roofing, to fixing everything we can get our hands on.

Others will be going door to door giving out high quality, non-perishable food to needy families. We even have an outdoor lawn crew that cuts grass and trims bushes, etc. Some of the elderly were especially thankful for this last year. There will be crews going to elders' homes and apartments to clean from top to bottom.

Don't forget about the two carnival-like Fun Days for the kids which includes fun activities that range from face painting to fitness initiatives, pony rides, basketball shooting, street hockey, etc.

For the first time ever we will be having a full day Summer Camp featuring all kinds of teachers from all over the country and Canada.

Whatever your talents or abilities are, they are needed this year at our 2017 Summer Boot Camp.

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