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Would you help a child living in 3rd world conditions in the US if you could?

It seems disturbing and almost unimaginable that large numbers of kids and adults live on Reservations and Reserves in the US and Canada in 3rd world conditions. Most people living outside of reservations have had little or no contact with Native Americans and are totally unaware of the problem or the magnitude of the problem.

The good news is that there are a group of humanitarians that are helping the kids and adults on the Fort Peck Reservation in MT. This group aims to reclaim their hope, health and dignity. It’s called Love Has No Color, and for 11 years running they keep returning to this reservation to help the kids.

The problem is not enough people know about this humanitarian endeavor.

Our latest adventure is a Boot Camp celebration on August 9-12. There will be carnival type fun days, a summer camp including a basketball clinic with an NBA player, NHL professional street hockey camp, a Johnny Cash jail outdoor rock ‘n roll concert, back packs loaded with school supplies, tons of high-quality, non-perishable food for families in need, and we will also construct an outdoor street hockey rink and all other kinds of fun.

There are so many ways you can help these kids!

Donations are a great way of really helping these kids. So is sharing this blog with others on your social contact list. You can post about our organization, or repost this blog on other social media platforms. You can have fundraisers at your local church or school. You can come with us and participate on the reservation in August. If your company or organization needs to donate 5013c money, what a great place to see the results.

We have had donations in honor of families, pets, deceased relatives, kids, etc. One enterprising kid is having a donation campaign in their school involving hundreds of kids.

LHNC has no paid employees, consultants, administrators, etc. It’s run by a small, but mighty group of dedicated volunteers.

Anything you can do helps the kids. Our active 2017 fundraising goes until July 31. Many people want to help, they just didn’t know how badly the help was needed. LHNC makes it easy to help such a deserving group of kids.

Any questions or comments, please email or call (800)-5253879

Thank you

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