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Can summer camp change a kid’s life?

As the Fourth of July approaches us, we begin to reminisce on our summer memories as a child. Do you remember your summer camp experiences? The games and activities, the character of the kids attending, sitting around the fire telling scary stories? Do you remember the mischief, getting into trouble or watching other kids get into trouble, the teamwork, or making those lifelong camp-friends? Or do your memories include the homesick kid, the kid who wet his bed every night, the kid who brought all the food to share, the storyteller, the popular kid, etc.?

Sadly, not all kids get to experience summer camp. Some of your fondest memories were anchored in the carefree kid mindset. Now imagine that all of those memories you have and all of those lessons you learned never happened. This is where LHNC comes in.

Summer camp is a distant idea for the children living on the Fort Peck Reservation. However, LHNC is bringing the summer camp experience to them this August.

Life skills, sports clinics and lifelong memories will be instilled at the Summer Boot Camp. NBA players, NHL players, Mindfulness coach George Mumford, and many Chiropractors will all work together to create a more positive future for these kids.

Will some kid that attends this camp make their way to the NBA, NHL, etc? Will there be a Chiropractor in the making? Regardless of what they end up doing as a profession when they get older, they will do it at a much higher level while helping others along the way. One of the many goals of this camp is to highlight interconnectedness versus separateness. We want to show these kids that they are not alone and that we are an interconnected team working together for the greater good.

We have the opportunity to be a part of something so great, so inspiring, and we get to change the lives of these kids. We get to be a significant part of their journey through life.

There are so many levels of participation to help. You can join us August 9th to the 12th at the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana, you can donate to our CrowdRise fundraising donor site, or you can share this with your social contacts.

Summer camp and changing lives is what we do! Thanks for your help.

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