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Together, we can make a difference.

“A sad commentary about the USA. We can and should treat our hosts far better, we took their homeland away from them, the least we can do is support the children.”-Anonymous

This message was written on our CrowdRise page, and it perfectly describes what Love Has No Color is trying to do. Finally, people are recognizing that the effects of the European Invasion are still prominent today, as thousands of Native Americans are living in 3rd world conditions here in the United States.

The Native Americans have a powerful saying, “we are all one people”. If everyone were to live their lives with this in mind, on a consistent basis, the world would be a better and more harmonious place.

No matter how unfamiliar or foreign this "song of freedom, equality and inalienable rights" sounds to many members of society, it’s still true regardless of opinion or belief.

Every group or society has, at one time or another, found themselves in the minority and has felt the effects of inequality or oppression. Reclaiming inalienable rights takes power, courage and perseverance. To get back what should never have been taken away can unfortunately take years, decades, or even centuries.

Mahatma Gandhi selflessly toiled to re-establish rights for people from India that had been seized by England. Nelson Mandela worked to dismantle Apartheid in South Africa. Martin Luther King was the voice and face of the movement for African Americans stripped of inalienable rights by the United States.

A unifying factor in all of these movements was that the restoration of human rights brought both the oppressor and the oppressed to even ground. There was an essence of truth, of knowing justice was done. Unfortunately, it took years for change to take place. Fortunately now most people see the err of the old, bigoted, inequality ways.

Instant communication has allowed people to connect effortlessly. As a result, people who share a likeminded view with others can communicate and support each other on a regular basis. This interconnectedness is incredibly important and has allowed groups and organizations to have the power of choice. This was not possible or was extremely limited in the pre-internet era. With this instant communication people appear to have more social consciousness than ever before. Together their power is like a laser beam rather than a flashlight.

It is said that most things that happen in this country have their root in economics, oil or power. The one X-Factor is social cause. People have tired with the dogma that goes along with believing in untrue, limited beliefs that promote extreme inequality among people, even countrymen and women! When this dogma reaches its boiling point, people, not the government, take action and create change…that’s the power of social cause.

Socially conscious people today are using economics as a new power of influence. People are forcing businesses of all types to modify how they do business to include more social consciousness rather than the “profit over people” mantra of current business practices.

Instead of the world of philanthropically charged movements and charities being ruled by the traditional giants, foundations, corporations, behemoth disease foundations, and wealthy individuals, there is a new mighty player that must be respected…social consciousness. Social consciousness and its economics are practiced by anyone with a credit card, otherwise known as the micro-donor.

Another way to help Love Has No Color is to shop on A percentage of what you buy will be donated to Love Has No Color after you select this as the charity you want to support.

It is incredible to see all the different people getting involved; even kids are going classroom to classroom collecting donations. Three kids who have visited the reservation multiple times from Michigan mow lawns and donate the money to LHNC. They go old school and send the actual currency in zip lock bags! Seems like such a small gesture, but is it really? Another kid reads about it on social media and they improve on it or do their part. These actions are like ripples from a stone thrown in a pond.

Join our movement to help Native American children have brighter futures by restoring hope, health and dignity.

You might call Native Americans the first social cause of the Americas!

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