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Hope, Health, and a Brighter Future

It may only be for four days in August, but the planning for this year’s celebration took an entire year. Kenny Smoker, HPDP, lots of volunteers and groups both on and off the reservation, and LHNC teamed up to bring something long overdue on the reservation; hope, health and a much brighter future.

Even though the actual event will be only four days long, it will leave an impression on the kids and the adults of the Fort Peck Reservation that will last a lifetime.

In the early years of LHNC, residents of the reservation silently questioned why ‘outsiders’ would care so much about the kids on the reservation. As crazy as it may sound, many people were unaware of the 3rd world conditions on the reservation, and once they found out about them, they immediately wanted to help.

Each year the celebration grows in scope and magnitude. And it doesn’t end in just four days.

We provide needy families with food, backpacks, and other goodies year-round. This summer, the movie theater roof will be repaired once and for all so that the kids can enjoy four seasons of indoor archery, movie presentations, etc.

A summer camp on Fort Peck?

This year we added a Summer Camp to the schedule and the kids couldn't be happier! There will be a pro-basketball player, pro-hockey players and a ton of activities that will teach kids life skills for both on the reservation, and beyond.

It’s happening August 10,

2017! Admission is free, and food will be provided. There are so many people from all over the US and Canada coming together for the kids. The skills and talent levels of the volunteers will amaze all in attendance!

Any and comments comments or feedback from your experiences at this year’s Fun Day are welcomed.

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