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A Girl & Her Blue Guitar

Did you see the girl with the blue guitar?

An adorable, quiet girl with a blue guitar proudly announced that she was going to learn how to play the guitar and wanted to become a famous singer, more specifically, a country artist. We invited her on stage and as she strummed, she achieved her goal. She had tears of joy flowing from her eyes as that dream came true. Making dreams come true is what Love Has No Color is all about.

All children matter regardless of their skin color, economic conditions, geographical location, religion, etc. The traditions of many Native Americans view the four major races of the world as red, black, white, and yellow. No one group is more or less important, regardless of size.

The newcomers who visited the reservation this summer were amazed at how well everybody got along. All different kinds of people were able to come together because they shared an interest in helping kids. Personalities, opinions, and likes and dislikes were pushed aside in order to give everything we had to the children. We made a lasting impression on these kids, one that will inspire them to share their gifts with the world.

As Boot Camp came to an end, we got to hear first-hand just how we changed the lives for so many. It was incredible to hear from the kids, parents, and grandparents about how Love Has No Color has made a positive impact on their lives. Almost every story involved the sharing of human connection and emotions. Much of what they were grateful for surpassed the material things, like the backpacks, gifts, and food. Their stories were bursting about acts of kindness, large and small, which connects us on a profound, spiritual level.

The little girl who brought her guitar with her to the Fun Day celebration waited patiently for her inner confidence to match her connectedness to the LHNC group and then she stood up. Don’t Quit Your Day Job had a few songs left to perform and they did it alongside this little girl.

It didn’t matter that at the time she couldn’t play the guitar. It mattered that she joined the band and did whatever she could to help to entertain the kids. Her dream is to be a famous musician. Her dream is as important as anyone else’s.

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